New Exec

Current WOSOC Executives and Executive Assistants at our AGM 2013

Back Row: Tom Hill (Careers), Ryan Leonard (Executive Assistant), Mathew Peterson (Sponsorship), Matthew Wilcox (President), Jeffrey Fazal (IT director), Emily Lay (Vice-President) and Jai Karnik (Secretary) 
Front Row: Ari Janiw (Executive Assistant), Michelle Tabart (Social), Ilakkya Subramaniam (Promotions) and Grace Ling (Promotions)

          Welcome to the University of Sydney Work and Organisational Studies Society. We're known amongst our members as WOSOC, and we represent those students pursuing major study under the Work and Organisational Studies (WOS) Department, offering the Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management, and Management majors within the Sydney Business School. The WOS Department offers study options to USyd students enrolled in undergraduate or postgraduate coursework and research degrees or diplomas ranging from Commerce, to Arts and Health Sciences, among many others - we truly are very privileged to represent such a diverse range of the university community. 

As the executive of the society, we're responsible for making sure that you, our members, are able to enjoy career development events to hone those all-important professional skills for your working life and social mixers. We want to make sure that you leave USyd with practical industry can-do to supplement the know-how that you'll pick up in your valuable WORK classes, but we also want to see you graduate from uni life to the real world with friendships that you'll be able to cherish for life.

Earlier this year, I was very privileged to be elected as WOSOC's Events Director. I went along to the general meeting a little nervous, but it took me very little time after having met the team to figure out that I was among the very best of friends. The time absolutely flew, and before we all knew it, the time came around for the Annual General Meeting.

Today, I write to you having been honoured by my peers by a vote of confidence in my favour to lead the WOSOC executive team through until September of 2014. I'm also very grateful to have an incredibly strong and reliable team to work with to make sure that we are representing you, our members. Writing this to you today is bittersweet; to welcome a new executive also means to farewell a former executive.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the outgoing executive for their invaluable contribution to our society. We wouldn't be where we are but for your hard work and your valuable time. To those execs graduating, we wish you all the very best for the future and we thank you for your friendship. Additionally, I would like to extend our thanks to Professors Bradon Ellem and Marian Baird, Chair and Acting Chair of Discipline respectively, Doctors Jane Le and Eric Knight, our faculty representatives, and all of the very hardworking lecturers and admin staff that make what we do possible. We are very grateful.

To our outgoing President, Christina, we cannot thank you enough for everything you've done for us. You have been a mentor, a 'boss', a friend and an inspiration. We thank you so much for your help and guidance. I wish you all the very best for all your future endeavours.

I reflect upon my time so far as a WOSOC executive with happiness and a lot of pride in what we have achieved to date. However, I am very excited to show you, our members, what we have in store for the future - for 2014 and beyond.

Thank you for your confidence, and in the words of our outgoing president, if you're a student looking to connect with other talented and like-minded students, or if you're looking to pick up some strong employability skills for the future, WOSOC is here for you. 

All the best,

Matt Wilcox